Transport of day-old chicks and hatching eggs

Our core business is the transport of day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks all over Europe and beyond. We both supply broiler breeding and layer breeding stock for chickens, turkeys, ducks and are specialized in the transport of hatching eggs.

Our qualified and experienced drivers deliver at any destination including airports. 

Extending support, services and logistical advice

Next to our core business we like to add value to our customers through extending support, services and logistical advice. If you have any problems regarding the transport of day-old chicks, please feel free to contact us!

Additional services

Rental of truck and semi-trailers for the transport of day-old chicks

In case you experience (temporary) transport difficulties, we offer the ability to rent a truck with semi-trailer over a longer period of time. This can be with or without one of our drivers!

Click here to have a look at our fleet of trucks.

Rental and cleaning of chick crates with container

We have our own chick crates to transport your day-old chicks! Next to that we can clean and disinfect the crates using an industrial Unikon crate washing machine in our own Truck Wash.

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